Chevy 07-13 Crew Cab with 5.5' bed LID in white, spoiler, interior headliner carpet and a third brakelight. New never installed. No warranty. Gaylord brand.


(regular price $1295)


GMC 2007-2013 Double Cab, 5.5' bed, LID Snugtop SL, Headliner, Color black



Chevy 2007-20013 6.5' bed, LID by Gaylord, color white



Chevy 2007-2013 5.5' bed,  LID Snuglid SL, headliner, Color red 



Chevy 2007-2013 5.5ft Bed, 100R By Leer, Headliner, Color Black.



Chevy 2007-2013 5.5 bed, 100R by Leer, Fixed Window, Windoors, Headliner, Thule Tracker II, Color Grey



GMC 2007-2013 Long Bed, Reg/Ex Cab 100R by Leer, color 50 White, headliner, Fold down front Window



S10 1993-2004 Reg Cab 6.2 bed, Cab-Hi, Front Boot, Headliner, color Gray 



COLORADO 2004-2012  5.5' Bed, Dbl Cab, Xtra Vision By Snugtop, Headliner, Silver in Color




Dodge Ram 94-01 6.5' Bed, LID By Innovation , silver in color.



Dodge 2002-2008 Long Bed, 100XL by Leer, Color PW7 White, headliner



Dodge 2002-2008  Short Bed (6.5) LID, Silver in Color




Ford Super Duty 1999-2007 6.5' bed, LID By Snugtop, Orange in Color.




F350 2008-2016 8ft bed, Reg Cab, 1000 Std Rack it



F150 2009-2014 8 ft bed, Ext Cab, Rack It 1000 Std Series WHITE 



Ford F150 2009-2014 5.5 bed, SL LID by Snugtop, Headliner, Color UH black  



Ford F150 1973-1996 8ft bed, Hi-Rise Camper, Color Back



Ford F150 1973-1996 6.5' ft bed, Innovation, Cab-hi, Headliner, color light blue



Ford F150 1973-1996 6.5 ft bed, Cab-Hi, Front Boot, Color white



Ford F150 2009-2013 8ft Bed, TC LID by SnugTop, White (x2)



Ford F150 2009-2014 5.7' ft bed, ARE LID, headliner, UX Silver



Ford F150 5.5 ft bed, Snugtop Super Sport, Headliner, Fold Down Front Slider, Color J7 Grey 




Ranger 93+ XC 7ft Bed, Hi-Rise, Headliner, White



Toyota 1989-1995 6.2' ft bed, Cab-hi Camper, color light blue




Tacoma 2005-2015 6.2 ft bed, Galylord Butterfly LID, Color 8P4 blue



Looking for USED?

Here are a few things to consider....

  1. If you are looking to find a used camper shell or lid, know what make, model and year you own. Know what cab you have. Regular, also known as the standard cab has no seats behind the cab. An extended cab has small space behind the seats and will usually open suicide style. You only have a Crew cab when you can open all four door the same way, and you have four handles.
  2. A shell is not universal. And just because you found a 76" camper to fit your 76" truck bed, doesn't mean the rail will work, the angle of the cab or the height of the cab will work. The shell might dig into your cab damaging your truck or worse not even sealing, then what would be the point of the camper? Lids, forget it there is no mickey mousing that. 
  3. Color... you are looking for used right? If you happen to find a used "anything" for your truck, thank your lucky stars. Listen, used units don't sit around too long especially in this economy.
  4. Want to save money on the installation by doing it yourself? Go ahead, but you are responsible for strapping your shell down. These camper shells are really heavy to lift, we have a forklift. The camper shells have to be properly aligned. And all vehicles 1993 require a thirdbrake light so wiring is involved. Some units will have a 12Volt interior light that we wire into your vehicle. Installation depends on shell and vehicle but takes us 45 minutes to an hour.
  5. Prices do not include tax which is 9.75% here in Downey and we charge $85 to install
  6. All USED items are sold AS IS